Friday, March 4, 2011

Author David Schwartz's Visit Culminates Math Day

How Much is a Million? is David's Schwartz first published book for children. Since its publication in 1985, this book has delighted and intrigued all of its young readers.
David Schwartz shared his experiences as a child with students during his visit. In first, second and third grade he stumped his teachers with his" why" questions such as, "How many grains of sand are there in a handful of sand?"
I'm sure that David's teachers found it no surprise when his passion for inquiry and discovery combined with a love for reading and math created his career trajectory as a children's book author.
Teachers and Gwen our librarian, have been reading David's books to students in preparation for Math Day and David Schwartz's visit. Many of our students have also been reading his books at home. It was wonderful to listen and watch our students' participation in the sharing of his books. Their thinking about mathematical issues in nature and the world around us is impressive. Even our prekindergarten students were enthusiastic participants.
David Schwartz's love of reading and writing shone throughout his presentation. In Lower School, students and teachers share this love.

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